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Tom’s Window is a memorial to Tom Gowrie Stewart commissioned by his parents, Michael and Elizabeth Stewart, for St. Peter’s Church, Bridge. Its theme is ‘the journey of life’ — an unfolding story of who we are and what we do in the world. Moving through the landscape in the design are footpaths and walkers. Journeys on foot through the landscape are, or course, very important in the area around Canterbury, well known as a destination for pilgrims through the ages.

The beautiful Kent landscape is an important element of the design. The land around the village and its fauna is celebrated throughout the window. The window’s central scenes, depicting memories from Michael and Elizabeth Stewart’s lives, are full of vibrant colour which spills out into this landscape. The heavenly elements of the design, captured in sunlight bursting through clouds and forming a vibrant rainbow above the landscape, merge with the earthly elements below in the reflections on the river. A single dove at top of the left lancet represents the Holy Spirit. The central scene in the cinquefoil depicts an angel embracing a baby in its arms and wings in memory of Tom.

This window was designed and made by me at The Cathedral Studios, Canterbury, UK.

“Our greatest thanks should go to Grace, our wonderful artist, who was of course absolutely instrumental in realizing our vision”

-Michael Stewart (patron)

"I had the privilege of seeing this stained-glass window as it was being made during a visit to the Stained-Glass Studios.  The design and the extraordinary skill of the artist, Grace Ayson, has produced a beautifully detailed window which is both a wonderful tribute to Tom and a blessing and encouragement to others.”
-The Most Reverand Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury

Justin Welby and Grace Ayson

Grace with Michael Stewart and Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury at the dedication of Tom's Window


Grace working on Tom's Window

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