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Since the beginning of my working life I have worked as an artist alongside my other professional interests. I am constantly experimenting with new ideas and approaches. As well as creating artwork in glass I make prints, and I am always drawing. My subjects have varied a lot over the years but architecture is a recurring theme in my work. My architectural drawings explore subjects as diverse as the ruins of ancient Rome and modernist architecture, taking in derelict structures and numerous historic buildings along the way. My work in restoration brought me into contact with buildings that were undergoing changes of one kind or another and I have documented many of these over the years. As you might expect from a stained glass artist, I’m especially drawn to the transient play of light on architecture, revealing its form. Recently this has led to a series of abstract drawings exploring the tension and abstract patterns created by light and dark.

I often exhibit my artwork in galleries. Follow me on social media for news and to find out where you can see my work in exhibitions.

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