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Making a Stained Glass window...

Every window starts with a brief. Often, the client chooses a subject and Grace designs a window around the chosen theme. Sometimes Grace is tasked with translating the work of another designer into glass. Other windows have been created from an open brief allowing Grace to create her own response to the window’s location.

Whatever the starting point, the process for creating the window begins with a drawing and a full sized ‘cartoon’ of the window. Detailed measurements are taken and a template is made of the window opening or frame to ensure an accurate fit.

The process of making a window is time consuming and highly skilled work. Grace uses the highest quality materials and hand blown glass to give her work depth and texture. Each piece of glass is individually selected for the design and layers of paint, stain and enamel are applied. By the end of this process, each piece of glass may have multiple layers of paint, stain or enamel, and may have been kiln fired up to six times. Grace also uses the technique of acid etching to achieve colour variations and depth that would not otherwise be possible.

You can see some of the stages that go into making a stained glass panel below.

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