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The power of stained glass comes from its ability to use light as a medium. In an age saturated by new technologies and techniques, Grace enjoys applying traditional glass painting skills to contemporary ideas. She uses the highest quality painting materials and hand-blown glass and every piece she makes is handmade and unique.

Context is everything. A new window must be made in sympathy with its setting and the prevailing light conditions. Grace has years of experience creating windows for both contemporary and historical settings. Having a background in both contemporary fine art and historical restorations and conservation, she is equally at home making windows based on her own designs or creating windows that are in keeping with the historical setting or style of architecture.

Because of her ability to replicate existing windows, or translate the designs of other designers into glass, Grace often works as a freelance glass painter for other studios. If you are a studio or stained glass window maker and would like Grace’s help with a project contact her here…



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Colaborations & Interpretations

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