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window  restoration & repair

Alongside her work designing and creating contemporary designs in glass, Grace undertakes restoration and repair work on windows that have been damaged or are simply suffering from the ravages of time.


Grace provides a complete restoration service for windows of all sizes and styles. She carries out all stages of the process including the removal of the window from site, research into the window's history, materials and construction, all repair and restoration work, and the re-installation of the stained glass. Where appropriate Grace can also provide careful and detailed documentation of the work carried out. Projects vary in scale from a single glass repair, domestic windows and panels to windows in churches, cathedrals and other public buildings.


Some repairs can be carried out on site, others require the careful removal of the window so that it can be worked on in the studio. Grace uses the highest quality materials, replicating the original design faithfully, carefully matching the glass, paint colour and the painting technique and style used. For badly damaged windows, or for windows where the original glass has been lost, Grace undertakes research, referencing other pieces by the windows creator and designer, and other historical documentation to recreate the original design as accurately as possible. You can see an step-by-step example of Grace’s recreation of a badly damaged antique window, ‘The Nativity’ from St. Anne’s Church, here…

Below are some examples of window repairs and restoration that Grace has carried out. Many of these were done during her tenure at Canterbury Cathedral Studios.


 For fifteen years she worked as a stained glass painter and conservator at the highly regarded Cathedral Studios, at Canterbury Cathedral, where she was part of a team carrying out the conservation and restoration of windows and glass dating from the 12th Century up to the 20th Century. Prior to her career in glass, Grace worked in the conservation & restoration of historic buildings and interiors. Working for a number of prestigious companies, she was part of restoration projects on buildings ranging from historically important private homes to high profile public buildings such as The British Museum and King’s College Chapel. This background cultivated an understanding and familiarity with historic buildings and sympathetic use of materials. Her wealth of experience working on historically important, listed, and ecclesiastical buildings, has also given Grace considerable experience of the procedures and committees involved in these settings, should your project require it. Grace undertakes regular research and attends conferences in the UK and across Europe to keep abreast of current conservation best practice and techniques of stained glass restoration, as well as the most up-to-date techniques and materials.


Grace is happy to provide free initial advice on how to proceed with your repair/restoration project, and to give you an idea of the cost, so if you have a damaged window that requires restoration or replacement, contact Grace here…


(images courtesy of Canterbury Cathedral)


St. Michael and All Angels Church, Barnes

The Saint Agnes window in St. Michael and All Angels church was badly damaged. It required extensive reconstruction and because several sections were missing had to be re-drawn using historical sources as reference material.


On projects such as this the knowledge and draughtsmanship of the conservator is very important.


ST. John: East Window

Holy Trinity Church, Queenborough

As with Saint Agnes, above, this window at Holy Trinity Church, depicting Saint John, required a large amount of reconstruction and repainting.

Grace carefully reconstructed the image, referencing surviving fragments of glass to recreate the image.


Antique door panel

This early 20th Century glass panel was smashed beyond repair. Fortunately enough of the original had survived to allow it to be carefully copied.

plants a.jpg
plants b.jpg

St. Margaret's Church, Westminster

This window was severely damaged and had to be removed to the studio where it was repaired by referencing fragments of the broken glass and other reference materials.

Westminster St Margaret's restoration a.
Westminster St Margaret's restoration b.

Antique panel, The Old City pub, Canterbury

This old window was badly broken and very dirty. It required repairs and careful cleaning to bring it back to its former glory. 

wind 1.jpg
wind 1 b.jpg

St. Mary of Charity, Faversham

It was possible to remove this panel from its window for repair. In order to keep as much of the original glass as possible, the damaged section was removed and remade before both pieces were re-leaded into place in the window.

jesus 012.jpg
jesus 013.jpg

St. Mary of Charity, Faversham

This section of window was also able to be taken out without disturbing the window. It was remade in the studio before being put back into the window.

jesus 011.jpg
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