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Domestic Windows

Bespoke contemporary stained glass windows designed and made by Grace Ayson.

A stained glass window is more than architectural decoration, or a piece of artwork, by colouring the light entering a space, it transforms it. Windows created for people’s homes are deeply personal. It is always an honour to be asked to make a piece of artwork for someone’s home, and every window Grace makes is unique to the person who has commissioned it, and the setting it is made for. Some clients have a detailed idea of the design they would like, others prefer to give Grace a theme for the window, or even an open brief allowing her to create a window from one of her own designs.

If you would like to discuss a possible commission, please contact Grace here…

You can see more information about the process of commissioning a window here…


A suite of windows commissioned for a modern home. "Autumn" was designed not only to bring colour and warmth into the building, but to work with the outside environment, echoing the seasonal colours beyond the window and to 'frame' the beautiful trees outside.

"Grace's work cannot be faulted. From first discussion to final execution, it was a magical experience. And the magic remains every time we look at the window."

- Marla Madison and Peter Purton

Windows IN HOMES

Work commissioned for domestic settings are very personal. Grace works closely with each client, responding to their requirements, budget and, importantly, the location of the window. No two windows are the same. 

"It’s extraordinary the way the glass colours play and dance. It’s wonderful having such a vibrant changing presence in my house. Thank you so much for my window, Grace."

- Polly Thompson

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