Grace Ayson’s drawings explore subjects as diverse as the ruins of ancient Rome and modernist architecture, taking in derelict structures and numerous historic buildings along the way. She is drawn to places that are in a state of flux; buildings that are either decaying or being constructed. For some time, Grace worked as an architectural restorer. This brought her into contact with places that were undergoing change. Inevitably this began to inform her work as an artist.

Grace’s dramatic use of line and bold graphic imagery reflect her interest in the physical structures themselves. She deliberately limits her choice of materials: responding to the limitations and discipline of the monochrome media and the confines of the support allows her to concentrate on the pictorial qualities of her work. Using the tonal qualities of her chosen media, she explores the way in which light plays on the structures, revealing their form.

She makes use of the tension between the representational nature of the work and the abstract patterns created by light and dark to capture the drama and atmosphere of the subject. Her drawings are romantic but not sentimental; they are full of emotional intensity but still have a hardness and a sense of clarity.

Grace’s preoccupation with studying light conditions was perhaps the first inkling of her glass work.

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The turner contemporary


The Built Environment


Canterbury cathedral

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